Thomas J. Styan

Thomas J. Styan

Graphic Design and & Artistic Portfolio


I am a recent recipient of a Masters Degree qualification in Future Design from Teesside University. Throughout my studies and professional work I have acquired a great amount of skills within the field of design. This includes most aspects relevant in the contemporary field, from defining brand identities to advertisement.

I have found myself working consistently on different projects since graduating earlier this year. I've designed this portfolio to give a look into the projects I have worked on and how the skills i've used on them could be useful to you, the employer.

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Thomas J. Styan


  • Image Design
  • Video Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Sound Production
  • Website Design
  • Illustration
  • Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, ln-design
  • Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Design For Traditional Print
  • Art Direction
  • Proiect Management


For the past six months I have been employed working for a training service provider company called Coursebox in a creative design role. This has included working as the main designer for the companies advertisements, brand identity and website design.

It has also included working in the role as social media manager creating the posts for the companies various profiles. The work here has varied across a large amount of platforms and programs and I believe it speaks of my versatility as a designer.


This is an image of the final website design I have created for the company. This design has been chosen to be the final design for the website and is currently under development from a software development company. Creating this work including working cross platforms and creating different imagery, shapes and assets in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Alternate Designs.

Other than the final design there was a large amount of previous drafts. This was important as it taught me the skills to work positively as a client.

Brand Identity & Advertisement.

My other main role at the company was to create the social media posts and advertisements for its profiles. This was important because it meant building an image for the company to be identified by. I believe I was successful in making striking imagery for the company while showing an understanding of the contemporary aesthetic.

It has also included working in the role as social media manager creating the posts tor the companies various profiles. The work here has varied across a0 large amount if platforms and programs, and I believe it speaks of my versatility as a designer

Invert / EXTANT

I have recently working with artist and author Dr. Jared Pappas-Kelley on creating the website for his publishing house 'Inver/EXTANT' this included working on a personal level with a client trying to design the brand identity he wanted for his company.

IMy hand in the company was consulting on the website design and creating the companies imagery. (Logos/book covers)


Scampitown is the name of my final major project I completed on my Masters Degree course. The project included making an entirely interactive hand illustrated town of which you can click on the buildings and explore each of them.

This project included working with a multitude of different programs. It displays my ability to use Adobe Indesign to create interactive projects.

The project is still live at

Work for Traditional Print

I have previous experience working with Teesside University creating catalogues for the Art Degree shows. The work I have here was created for the 2017/18 Fine Art Degree Show 'Art Buffet'.

This included designing a page to display the work for each of the 30 students on the course.

Sound Editing & Podcast Hosting

Recently I have started a podcast known as 'The Artist's Podcast' which interviews local artists, creatives and musicians. This project was started during the COVID-19 pandemic as I needed a creative outlet to focus on.

This project has lead to me learning a host of new skills including audio production and conversational skills. The podcast is available for stream on Spotify, iTunes and Youtube.

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